Sites Used by the Cove Kids 2009-2010
Great site to practice Reading and Math skills for the NC EOG
Collazo Cove’s website containing all links, jobs, and many products from 2009-2010
Site where students can create online interactive posters
An easy to use, safe social networking site where teachers can send out/receive assignments, links, messages to students
Site where students can easily create multi-media online books
Site where students and teachers can create quick word puzzles like crosswords and word searches
Myths and Legends Story Creator allows students to create comic style stories using a large selection of backgrounds and objects.
Google Earth is a free download which allows students/teachers to explore the Earth, ocean floor, moon, and mars while adding multi-media components in specific places being studied
Site where students/teachers can create personalized avatars which will speak whatever is typed, or you can record your own voice

Building Homes of Our Own
A free software program with which students can learn the economics and problem solving involved in planning, building, and selling a house
A protected student email, blog, and storage site for students. Lee County provides accounts for all teachers and students in grades 4-12.
Site where students compete against children from around the world to solve math problems at various levels
Cove kids blog where we post and comment on various topics – open to public comments (monitored by Mrs. C.)
Wiki (website) platform we use to create collaborative websites for various projects
Site where students/teachers can use virtual sticky notes to post vocabulary, ideas, thoughts on a virtual bulletin board
Site where students can create their own animals using lots of real animal parts. Descriptions of the purpose of each part is included.
Site where students/teachers can create word pictures from written material or word lists