Mini Project - Animals of the Amazon

Encantado - Pink Dolphins of the Amazon River Basin

Information Links about the Pink Dolphins:


Can you find the Action Verbs?
Can you choose the correct Action and Linking Verbs?
Can you fill your ice cream cone before the monster?

The Mystery of Blackbeard Project Support Links

Blackbeard Museum

National Geographic's Page on Blackbeard's Shipwreck

Wikipedia Page on Blackbeard

NC Maritime Museum's Blackbeard Page

Ocracoke's Blackbeard Page

NatGeo for Kids' Blackbeard Page

The Story of Blackbeard

Many Blackbeard Facts!

Blackbeard the Pirate

Travel Along with Blackbeard on his journeys

Interesting Blackbeard Information

Plural Noun Practice

Here are the Rules and Some Practice Problems!

Will You Become a Millionaire?

Play Concentration with nouns

Take a plural quiz!

Stay away from the "tough" categories on this site!

How high will your record be?

Common and Proper Noun Practice

Smart Board Lesson -


Noun Dunk

Take this quiz to see how much you've learned!

Vocabulary for "What Jo Did"

Spelling List for October 26-30

The Sign of the Beaver Test - Please take this test after finishing the book.

The Sign of the Beaver - Activities for Chapters 1 and 2

French and Indian War and Treaty of Paris Background Information Data sheet -

Treaty of Paris Information Links:
Important Map:

French and Indian War powerpoint -

Watch this short video about the French and Indian War. Use the information for your data sheet.

"Letters Home From Yosemite"

Videos about the park:

"Fox and the Grapes"

Link to 1941 cartoon:

"Grandfather's Journey"

Learn more about Japan by visiting these sites!

"Lewis and Clark and Me"

A virtual journey of the trip taken by Lewis and Clark

A Google Earth tour of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Need the FREE Google Earth download to participate in this tour.

Go West with Lewis and Clark
You make the decisions!