Probability Notes from March 23

Overall Practice

Gamequarium Choose MATH
Mr. Nussbaum Choose MATH

Mean, Median, Mode Practice

Area and Perimeter

Can you figure out the area of perimeter of these shapes?

Finding area and perimeter of rectangles:

Great practice for those tougher ones on Level 3:

Area and Perimeter practice:
Notes from Area of Irregular Shape:

Notes from Learning how to order Fractions:

Math Rap Videos

Roll Those Big Heads (Improper Fractions)

Do Texas (Changing Mixed Number to Improper Fraction)

Decimal Practice

Choose from lots of fun decimal games

Coordinate Grid Lesson

Coordinate Grid Practice

Billy Bug and His Quest for Grub

Looking for the Top Quark!

Whack a Mole

Division Practice

Division Examples for you to look at:
How to Complete a Division Problem Video -
Sum Sense Division - How high can you score?
Divider Machine
Division Mystery Picture
Drag Race Division
Division Fishing Game
Pac-Man-like (Sunny Bunny) Division game

Multiplication Practice

Place Value Blocks and Subtracting (to use with page 47)

Subtracting with Regrouping (Borrowing)
(Choose Level 3 only!)
(Set both minimum numbers at 100 and both maximum numbers at 100000)

Grand Slam Subtraction
(Choose Level 1 Only)

Word Problems with Katie
(Choose Level 1 Only)

Counting Money and Giving Change

Place Value and Rounding Whole Numbers