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Our thoughts on Animal Adaptation:

Animal Adaptation
wolf - long teeth to bite
male deer - fight for females
wild bears - sharp claws
clams /turtles - shells to protect them
ostriches - very long neck to eat high plants
swordfish - long nose used to fight
giraffes - long necks to reach trees
Venus Fly trap (plant) - senses insects
lion - loud roar to scare animals
humans - breathe air
greyhounds - fast legs
cheetah - muscular legs to run fast
camel - hump stores water
mole - large front paws help it dig fast
eagles - beak to eat fish
electric eels - sting for defense
lobsters - pinching claws
walking stick - camouflage
owls - sharp beaks
beetles - stand upside down for water
octopus - tentacles to catch prey
roadrunner - run fast
flounder - camouflage to blend in with sand
penguin - slippery belly to slide easily
polar bears - extremely thick fur
sea snake - swims quickly
snake - flexible bones to wrap around prey
birds - feathers to keep them warm
sea lions - have blubber
beaver - knows how to make its own dam
meercat - dark covering over eyes/claws help them dig
killer whale - large size helps with prey
elk - long antlers for protection